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Dear South Africa

The COVID-19 regulations emanate from s27(2) of the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002.

The regulations impose limitations on what we may or may not do. Transgressing them may result in an offence. The offences are punishable by either a fine or period of imprisonment or both a fine and period of imprisonment.

It is important that you understand that contraventions of the COVID-19 regulations are managed by both the criminal justice system and the Metro law enforcement.

Any contravention noted by an official of the South African Police Service (“SAPS”) will incur consequences in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act 55 1977. This means that a person will be arrested, charged at the police station and released on bail or warning before their first appearance in Court.

However the Criminal Procedure Act allows for a person to pay an admission of guilt (“AOG”) fine at the police station to finalise the matter as well. Payment of this AOG will result in a criminal record.

Consequently, any fingerprints taken by SAPS allows them to update your criminal profile once the payment of the AOG has been processed.

On the other hand, contraventions noted by Metro law enforcement and any fine issued by the City will not amount to a criminal record. These are also issued in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act but they are not noted on your criminal profile.

We do note that many people are being wrongfully arrested and charged during this time for alleged contraventions of the regulations. We have had cases where clients have been en route to buy essential goods and have ended up with court date instead of a date loaf. If you do find yourself in this predicament we advise against signing the AOG at the police station.

Please know that you cannot be detained at the police station during this time and you will be released and given a court date. You do not have to pay any AOG to be released.

Stay safe,

William Booth Attorneys

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